AJ Wheelchair


All of us have some disability, some of them are too clear and create a hard situation of an individual’s life. One of the most important and crucial problems is related to movement disabilities. Wheelchair, which had been innovated since 1700 by a disabled person was one of the most innovative and creative ideas that provide an easier and more comfortable life for disabled people. Wheelchairs today have Improved significantly rather than past but the development of wheelchairs is continuing and plenty of engineers scientists and designers are working on wheelchairs to provide the best and most convenient situation for user.


In this project, l try to remove some of the difficulties which users are struggling with them. This wheelchair is designed especially for people who suffer from spinal cord injuries who are not able to use their legs and their hands efficiently but it is usable and useful for other groups who used a wheelchair as well. In this design, they can control their wheelchairs much easier by a touch watch. The beauty of this wheelchair is that it can move up and down like an elevator so people can assess various levels and do their personalities much easier. Another problem of some people with a disability is related to social problems they have a fear of being in social places a lot of people look them with feel pity and it annoys them. I tried to design the form of this object different from another wheelchair something that is more like a car perhaps this different form can reduce the look of pity for them